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What You Need to Know About Earthquake Shut Off Valves

Gas leaks are incredibly dangerous. And when they happen during natural calamities such as earthquakes, they are double the trouble. Thankfully, A-1 Total Service Plumbing has dedicated a team of professionals to help secure your property with shut-off valves.

We can install the earthquake shut-off valve on your gas meter. The system uses sensor technology to automatically shut off gas on the main gas line to your property.

Types of Valves

Home plumbing technology is continually evolving. And though shut off valves haven’t necessarily seen too much change since they were first used, homeowners now have various types of valves to choose from.

Seismic Valve

The valve reacts to shaking. These valves feature a metal ball inside the main gas line. The metal ball dislodges and blocks the gas line whenever the pipe shakes with a magnitude of 5.1 or greater. This ball prevents gas from moving further into the property.

Excess-Flow Valve

In some cases, we install this valve with an excess flow sensor. The valve is designed to look for high-pressure or leaks in the gas line. A pressure surge or gas leak triggers the valve to close.

The different valve designs make them suitable for different purposes. We install them separately. You can install both for maximum safety.

Common Shut Off Issues

Accidental triggering is a common problem with earthquake shut-off valves. The valves are installed on main gas lines that are barely underground. This makes it prone to movement and weight shifts caused by persons or animals, causing them to close inadvertently.

We often notice incorrectly installed gas shut-off valves in some properties. This is dangerous because such systems are prone to fail in the event of an earthquake. On top of this, the gas pipe installation should also match the design of the valve for guaranteed safety.

We conduct thorough inspections to ensure the proper functionality of earthquake shut-off valves. We go the extra mile to eliminate the possibility of malfunctions that could prove costly in the event of a plumbing mishap.

A-1 Total Service Plumbing has a team of dedicated technicians that you can count on to provide you with the perfect shut off valve for your gas line. We care about your safety and it shows in the quality of service we render. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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