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Fixing Gas Leaks in Cerritos, Downey & All of Los Angeles

If you suspect any type of problem with a gas line, do not wait to call for help. Get your family members and pets and leave the property, and then call the gas company to have the gas shut off. After you are safely off the property and have called the gas company, call our Los Angeles gas line repair experts and we will be on the scene as quickly as possible to perform the necessary repairs. With our experience in troubleshooting gas leaks, we can provide invaluable insight and quality repairs to get your home safe again.

A gas leak is an emergency situation! Leave your property and call 323-410-2068 to talk to an expert at A-1 Total Service Plumbing about your options.

Signs of a Gas Line Leak

Gas lines typically last for decades, but corrosion, improper installation, or other issues can cause problems that lead to a dangerous leak. A faulty gas line will place your home and your family at risk. Exposure to natural gas can cause serious health problems, and a fire or explosion could result. If you notice a gas leak smell, the most important thing to do is remove yourself and your loved ones from the property, call the gas company, and then call a Los Angeles gas plumber at our company for an emergency repair. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your call.

The following are potential signs of a gas leak:

Your safety is of paramount importance.
Contact us today for professional gas line repair in Los Angeles.

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