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The Advantages of Duct Armor Air Duct Lining

When you want to improve the indoor air quality, comfort, or overall energy efficiency of your home, turn to our team at A-1 Total Service Plumbing. As the exclusive provider of Duct Armor duct lining in Los Angeles and North Orange County, we can provide you with reliable and long-lasting duct lining solutions. We also offer this key indoor comfort and energy efficiency service to residents in Malibu, Venice, and Beverly Hills who want to enjoy the many advantages of Duct Armor lining solutions for their ductwork in concrete slab.

Restore Ducts to Like-New Condition

Rehabilitating all of the in slab ductwork, in your home or business involves a disruption of your routine activities. With Duct Armor lining, we can restore/rehabilitate your ducts to pristine condition without tearing your floors, removing drywall, ceiling tiles, or other parts of your home’s structure.

It also exceptionally addresses corrosion, rust, water in ductwork slab foundation, infiltration, dents, dings, gaps, and other age-related under slab ductwork damage.

Reduce Allergens

The Los Angeles area experiences many air quality alert days because of high pollutant levels. However, many home and business owners express shock when they learn that indoor air contains up to five times as many pollutants as outdoor air. With Duct Armor lining, the air in your home or business will be cleaner, fresher, and healthier. The lining also resists smoke, mold, pollen, and dust infiltration.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Leaky ducts waste as much as 30% of the air cooled and dehumidified by your air conditioner or warmed by your heating system. Those air leaks result in excess wear and tear on your HVAC equipment, reduced comfort, and high energy bills. Duct Armor lining services eliminate those air leaks. After we line your air ducts and slab ductwork, you should be able to notice a significant decrease in your utility bills and an overall improvement in your indoor comfort.

For more information about the advantages of Duct Armor duct lining or to get an estimate for our duct lining services, contact us today at A-1 Total Service Plumbing!

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