A-1 Total Service Plumbing, Los Angeles, CA 90022

Los Angeles to Berkley and everything in between

My team is putting in the work this week!
  • Griffin and Tyler finally finished cutting out a collapsed CIPP liner today.
  • Joey and Stephen are in Santa Maria performing a spray in epoxy project.
  • Michael, Tony, Andrew, and Ken performed a duct lining water infiltration project with me on Monday and Tuesday.
  • Tuesday night I flew to Berkley to do a project walk-thru Wednesday with EJ Plumbing.
  • My son Michael supervised and performed a 36-inch Duct Armor project once our structural epoxy cured.
  • Michael, Ken, Tony, Andrew, and I prepped set up and installed a 4×6 Perma-Liner 5mm transitional liner! Came out great. This project allowed Andrew and Tony to get hands on for the first time with CIPP!

This is just another busy week in the life of A-1 Total Service Plumbing!

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