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Air Duct Relining

Restore your Air Ducts with Duct Armor

Environmentally and Family Friendly Duct Coatings

Our coating material is a proprietary water-based latex material that contains zinc. Our product will inhibit the growth of any mold or bacteria, without the use of poisons.

HVAC Duct Restoration

If the plumbing in your home is like your body’s veins and arteries, then the air conditioning, heating, and ventilation are like the respiratory system that allows your home to breathe. The ducts that flow throughout your home bring fresh air in, carry stale air out, and keep you cool or warm when you need it. However, these inground ducts are usually constructed from galvanized metal or cast concrete; sometimes containing asbestos or fiberglass. Over time, moist air can cause condensation, which leads to rust in air ducts, cracks, leaks, water in the air ducts, and even bacteria and mold growth.

In-Slab & Inground Air Duct Restoration & Repair

Replacing underground air ducts used to be a major repair that would cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars along with enormous construction costs.

With the Duct Armor process you can get inground air ducts repaired for the existing system and extend the life for decades.

The Los Angeles, South Bay, North Orange County and Riverside inground air duct lining & repair experts at A-1 Total Service Plumbing can provide you with outstanding service from friendly and skilled technicians to help you restore your home’s heating and cooling system.

We can repair and re-line the ducts in your walls, attic, floor, crawlspace, or anywhere else they might be run, including down into the slab below your building—all without tearing apart your walls or jackhammering open your foundation!

Air Duct Re-Lining in Los Angeles

Contact our Los Angeles, South Bay, North Orange County and Riverside Air Duct Re-Lining Experts

Are your air ducts causing you headaches? Call A-1 Total Service Plumbing today at 323-410-2068 to receive more information about underground air duct restoration services!

Protect your investment

Your home or business is probably the most costly investment you will make. We can help protect that investment by putting a comprehensive plan together for the restoration of the air ducts. We will make suggestions on how to eliminate water issues, mold, rust, and odors.

Call us before embarking on any repairs, We will help save you time and money on unnecessary repairs.

Duct coatings are safe

Duct Armor has been rigorously tested for safety including fire safety and out-gassing ect. You will find our testing data on this website. Duct Armor is a water-based product that contains zinc which will inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold.

The energy savings you can expect will be a more clean and smooth surface to allow better and more efficient air flow.  Not to mention getting the piles of dirt and debris out that just inhibit air flow. 

Our liner material will not be damaged by water, but the source of water should be eliminated before the restoration process takes place.

Why Repair Your Old Air Ducts?

If your ducts are old and cracked, why not just replace them and get it over with? The truth is, you don’t have to. Re-lining your ducts can help them last for an additional 15 years or more and do so at a mere fraction of the cost of completely replacing your ducts.

No need to turn your home into a construction zone; most air duct restorations can be done in as little as one day. Not to mention, air duct lining & sealing can also help solve a number of other issues that you may be facing because your ducts have grown old and decayed.

Call us before embarking on any repairs, We will help save you time and money on unnecessary repairs.

Re-lining your ducts can carry several other benefits, including:


What Does the Process of Air Duct Lining Look Like?

Duct re-lining is a fairly simple process—our technicians run high-pressure spray lines with a camera through your ducts which coats the entire surface with a thick, yet environmentally-friendly, water-based liquid latex that has been extensively tested for safe use in air systems. The Duct Armor material creates a new rubberized liner on the inside of the existing ductwork, allowing you to keep the system designed for your home. This is especially important for architecturally significant homes such as mid-century modern classics.

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