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Tips on Hot Water Heater Maintenance

Most people don’t realize how much they rely on their water heaters until they start to malfunction. A-1 Total Service Plumbing is committed to ensuring this integral plumbing fixture of your home works without disruptions. Like most systems, water heaters can break down over time. We understand such disruptions can be a source of inconvenience. That’s why we always stress the importance of regular inspection and maintenance routines. They cushion your heater from sudden breakdowns and help minimize energy expenses, all without voiding your warranty.

Here are key maintenance tips you need to remember to keep your water heater in tip-top shape.

Regular Inspection

When checking water heaters, we often discover minor issues that could cause serious damage if ignored. Regular inspection by professionals helps in solving issues in the early stages. Repairs are cheaper and quicker than replacing the whole system after excessive damage.

Periodic Flushing

Routine flushing helps to clear your water heater of lime and other sediments that gradually build up over time. This is important because if not done regularly, minerals can calcify and significantly impact the efficiency of your water heater.

Tank Insulation

Insulating the water tank prevents heat from escaping. This significantly reduces energy expenses. The result will be that there will be less strain on the heater and it will be able to supply your household with hot water for much longer.

Temperature Relief Valve Testing

Leakage or excess pressure affects the functionality of the water heater. An extreme shift either way could compromise the integrity of the heater. Regular tests help in avoiding damage to the valves and replacement costs.

Anode Rod and Air Filter Replacement

Anode rods are placed in water heater tanks to attract corrosive minerals present in the water. This prevents the minerals from compromising the walls of the tank. Worn-out rods could contaminate the water and compromise the integrity of the water heater.

A-1 Total Service Plumbing is the plumbing company you can count on to help you avoid the inconvenience and unnecessary costs of malfunctioning water heaters. We’ll provide you with tangible solutions to help keep your water heater in great shape. Contact us today to schedule a service!

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