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Reliable Drain Cleaning in Los Angeles, CA

Say goodbye to drain woes by making A-1 Total Service Plumbing your first and only choice for drain cleaning in Los Angeles, CA. We’re highly experienced, local, and ready to deal with a wide range of drain-related problems. We’re also at your service if you prefer to be proactive about regular drain maintenance.

Reach out to a plumber in Los Angeles, CA, from our team with confidence and know your drain concerns will soon be a thing of the past. Consult us right away for all drain-related concerns.

Biggest Signs Your Drain May Be Clogged

Some signs of a clogged drain are fairly obvious, like having a drain that won’t drain or one that’s overflowing. Other times, however, you may not immediately realize you have a clog. In this instance, watch out for:

  • Bad drain odors
  • Slow-draining drains
  • Water gathering around drain lines
  • Issues with other nearby drains when another drain is used

A clog often occurs due to several years of regular use. This often includes grease and other materials getting into your drains. Clogs can be caused by structural problems with your drains, flushing things accidentally, tree roots, lack of regular drain maintenance and care, and over-reliance on drain cleaning products. That is why regular drain cleaning services are advisable.

How We Clean Your Drains

The first step we take is to determine what the most appropriate method is to clean and clear your drains. If issues are minor or blockages are close to the front part of the drain, drain snaking is often effective.

There are times when you may be dealing with excessively stubborn clogs or similar issues. When this is the case, our hydro jetting service options can be beneficial. With water or hydro jetting, powerful blasts of water are used in a carefully controlled way to remove debris and other materials – including tree roots – from your drain or sewer lines.

Top Ways to Keep Your Drains Working Properly

Scheduling routine cleanings with our drain cleaning company at least once a year is one way to keep the drains properly. We also recommend being careful with what goes down your drains. This means not flushing things not meant to be flushed like wipes, using a separate can for grease, not putting larger food items down your disposal, and not using chemical drain cleaning products.

Reasons to Work With Us

We’re a local emergency drain cleaning service provider that’s been doing what we do best since 1983 – and we’ve also been treating our customers right with:

  • Fair pricing
  • Service options that are good for your home and appropriate for your budget
  • Preventative cleaning options
  • Personalized advice that can help you save money between professional cleanings

Schedule a Drain Cleaning Today

A-1 Total Service Plumbing provides drain cleaning services in Los Angeles, CA, that are affordable, reliable, and delivered with your long-term value in mind at all times. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any drain-related concerns. Contact us today to schedule a routine cleaning or request emergency drain cleanings.

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