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A-1 Total Service Plumbing is the team to trust when you prefer pipe repair without the added fuss and disruption of traditional excavation. Take a moment to learn more about our approach to dig-free pipe relining in East Los Angeles, CA and how you can benefit from this landscape-saving option. Feel free to consult our team for all your pipe issues.

What Is Trench-free Pipe Relining/Lining?

Trench-free relining or lining refers to the process of a trenchless contractor restoring pipes from the inside without removing them. Dating back to the 1970s, it’s a pipe restoration technique that has since become even more accessible and affordable. It’s also one of our specializations at A-1 Total Service Plumbing.

Replacing sewer lines is still sometimes necessary. However, it’s increasingly becoming common for pipe repair projects to be made with dig-free techniques, which eliminates the need to remove the old pipe. This is beneficial since your landscape is spared. The process is also done in less time than what’s common with traditional methods. Plus, we won’t need heavy machinery and the results of a pipe reline are long-lasting.

Signs You Need Pipe Relining

Pipe root intrusion repair may be necessary if you have mature trees on your property next to sewer lines. Other indications suggesting you’ll likely benefit from pipe relining include:

  • Slow drains
  • Problems with multiple drains
  • Bad drain/sewer odors
  • Water seeping above sewer line locations

Cast iron pipe relining is often necessary if you have older cast iron pipes. Corrosion is a common cause of sewer line damage with cast iron sewer pipes. Age is another factor that often contributes to sewer line issues. Sewer lines can also be damaged by shifts in the ground and misalignment. Lack of regular maintenance is a factor as well when it comes to pipe damage.

How We Perform Trench-free Pipe Relining

Underground sewer line repair starts with an inspection of the affected pipe. This is done to determine the extent of the damage and see if the line is stable enough to support a liner. This liner is what’s used to apply the epoxy resin material. 

If conditions are suitable, trenchless pipe relining is completed by cleaning the pipe that’s going to be relined. This is usually done with hydro jetting, which involves using highly pressurized water. After the pipe is cleaned, the CIPP liner saturated with epoxy is inserted. It cures or solidifies and forms a flaw-free interior surface.

Count on Our Trenchless Experts

Feel confident in choosing us as your preferred trenchless company because we are the industry expert in trenchless pipelining as well as:

  • We’re local and we’ve been around since 2004
  • Our plumbing pros are courteous and punctual
  • We keep our rates reasonable and upfront
  • We’re committed to your satisfaction with our work

Call Our Pipe Lining Pros Today

Don’t let pipe issues linger. If you believe you may benefit from sewer relining in East Los Angeles, CA, please feel free to reach out to us. We’re the company to call when quality is what matters most to you. We’ll assess your sewer or drain lines and let you know if trenchless pipelining is right for your needs. 

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