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Epoxy Lining at VA Hospital

This week while traveling back from a high-profile project in Colorado, the A-1TSP lining team started another crazy project of epoxy lining at a VA hospital. After descaling the pipes, the team began performing sectional point repairs and prepping 1,300FT of 6-inch sewer pipe in the VA hospital for epoxy lining. The A-1TSP team will be installing 150mils throughout the 6-inch sewer pipe. Due to several large holes in the pipe, we used our Perma-Liner mini inverter and strapped the unit to the basement ceiling – 15ft in the air! This picture is 60FT of calibration tube with 2FT sectional point repairs glued into the calibration tube. This is what we call a remote start sectional point repair. Tonight, the A-1TSP lining team will start coating 600FT full of epoxy. Stay tuned for details on our epoxy lining of 6-inch sewer pipe!

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