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The Trusted Crew for Hydro Jetting in Long Beach, CA

Harness the power of water by contacting A-1 Total Service Plumbing about hydro jetting in Long Beach, CA. It’s a powerful approach to drain and sewer line cleaning that’s thorough and highly effective. It can be done for preventative purposes or to deal with serious clogs or blockages.

Never ignore pipe-related issues. Be sure to rely on the top plumber in Long Beach, CA, and contact our team immediately.

A Brief Overview of the Hydro Jetting Service

With hydro jet drain cleaning, highly pressurized water that can get up to 5,000 PSI is used to break up debris that usually includes tree and shrub roots. The process starts with the inspection of the affected sewer or drain line. This is done to determine if the pipe is stable enough for the water. 

If everything is fine as far as being able to move forward with sewer jetting, the next step is to use a specialized machine and an attached hose with a nozzle on the end of it. The force of the water is what breaks up various materials so they can be flushed out of the drain or sewer line.

The Big Effect of Routine Maintenance

Hydrojet plumbing is a more effective approach to drain and sewer line cleaning, as it breaks up and removes practically everything that’s inside the affected line. Additional benefits associated with hydro jetting include:

  • It’s an environmentally friendly process
  • The results last for several months or even years
  • It can be used on sewer and drain lines of varying sizes and diameters
  • It’s ideal for preventative maintenance

Speaking of preventative maintenance, our hydro jetting services can be done once every year or two to clear and clean your drain lines. Being proactive with maintenance of this nature also saves you time and money since you’ll have fewer related issues to deal with – and your drain and sewer lines will last longer, as well.

Common Hydro Jetting Applications

Water jetting is often used, as we mentioned, to deal with intrusive tree roots. Roots get into pipes through small openings in an underground drain or sewer line. Over time, the roots grow and cause blockages, foul odors, slow draining, and other issues that can be disruptive and costly. Search “hydro jetting near me” and you get to find out that it is equally effective on pipe scale and debris that’s further down in the drain or sewer line.

Since we’re a hydro jetting company that also specializes in trenchless repairs, we often used water or sewer line jetting to prepare pipes for dig-free repair. We may also recommend jetting to deal with caked-on pipe scale. Over time, these solidified materials can block flow by narrowing the pipe on the inside.

Choose A-1 Total Service Plumbing for Sewer Jetting

We’ve been a trusted source for water jetting pipes since 2004for the following reasons:

  • We’re entirely local
  • We’re prompt and thorough
  • We’re able to offer related services if pipe repairs need to be made because of preexisting damage, as is the case with tree root issues
  • We keep our rates fair and reasonable at all times

Schedule a Thorough Cleaning Today

A-1 Total Service Plumbing is your one-stop source of hydro jetting in Long Beach, CA. Reach out to us today and we’ll let you know if it is appropriate for your needs. Contact us today online or give us a call if more immediate service is needed.

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