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Our Precise Leak Detection Services in Anaheim, CA

Whether you have a known leak in your home or one you suspect, A-1 Total Service Plumbing is here to help. Our leak detection services in Anaheim, CA, are thorough, minimally invasive, and cost-effective. We are industry professionals that are just a phone call away once you spot a leak-related problem.

The goal of water leak detection is to locate leaks so steps can be taken to make the necessary repairs. While you may have concerns about having to worry about excavation and other disruptive methods, this is rarely necessary. We detect both water and gas leaks under concrete slabs.

Never Ignore a Plumbing Leak

It’s not always easy to tell if you have a plumbing-related leak. However, if you’re noticing a drop in water pressure and other telltale signs of a leak, don’t ignore what you suspect. A leak that’s ignored is one that can cause costly damage to your home or foundation. You’ll also have higher water bills if a leak is ignored – and this can add up over time. Even if a water or plumbing leak is only suspected, give us a call about plumbing leak detection.

Do You Suspect a Water Leak?

The first step to take is to call our trusted local leak detection company. The next step is to turn off the nearest valve. If you’re not sure where the leak is, turn off the main valve for your home. This way, the leak will temporarily stop until repairs can be made. Additionally, clean up any visible water pools to minimize damage to your home – e.g., floor warping, plaster damage, mold, etc.

What Our Service Entails

Underground or slab leak detection typically involves the use of specialized equipment to determine where a leak is coming from with better certainty. This is typically done with sound detection and amplification devices and similar methods. In some instances, a camera inspection may be done. 

Once a plumber in Anaheim, CA, confirms a leak, the next step is to make the necessary repairs. This may involve replacing the pipe entirely, trenchless repairs, or rerouting of the damaged pipe. Gas leaks are detected by looking for areas where there are clear signs of a leak, which may involve listening for hissing and looking for areas where there’s obvious damage to the gas line.

Work With the Leader in Non-Invasive Leak Detection

Since 2004, we’ve been trusted for water and gas leak detection, as we have been:

  • Providing leak detection service in a timely manner
  • Using leak detection methods that keep are reliable and safe
  • Keeping our rates reasonable and honest
  • Offering complementary services that include regular drain cleanings

A-1 Total Service Plumbing is your top source of leak detection in Anaheim, CA. Our technicians are prompt, reliable, and committed to your satisfaction with our work. Contact us today for an appointment.

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