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Underground Duct Lining in Encino

The A-1 Total Service Plumbing team spent the last two days working on an underground duct system for a home in the City of Encino. The ducts in a home may be out of sight, out of mind, but they are a critical component of a well functioning heating and air conditioning system. As the home ages there is a distinct possibility that there will be deterioration of the ducts and this is exactly what the A-1 team found at this particular home in Encino.
The ducts were blowing dirt into the house and were severely deteriorated. These deteriorated ducts were impacting the quality of air in this Encino home, but luckily the homeowner called the A-1 team and our technicians inspected the underground duct system and addressed the homeowners concerns by utilizing the latest technology by Duct Armor.
The Duct Armor coating material is a proprietary water-based latex material that contains zinc and will inhibit the growth of any mold or bacteria, without the use of poisons. The A-1 Total Service Plumbing team rehabilitated the inside of the ducts allowing fresh air to flow once again into this Encino home.
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