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In-Depth Sewer Video Inspection in East Los Angeles, CA, and the Surrounding Areas

Simultaneously inspect mainlines and laterals to 150′ with the versatile and powerful LETS 6.0 system. Its compact tractor easily navigates pipes 6″ or larger, while the lateral camera launches with or against the flow at a 135° angle. Contact us today to book a CCTV sewer video inspection in East Los Angeles, CA, and nearby areas of your mainline or lateral connection.

Sewer Camera Inspection Equipment

Our LETS 6.0 Lateral System

LETS 6.0 is the ultimate system to simultaneously acquire mainline and lateral assessment video. A slim tractor profile and superior lateral camera launch provide high productivity.

Complete View

Simplified Control

Designed for Agility






Sewer Video Inspection FAQs

We use specialized cameras to look inside the damaged pipe to determine if trenchless pipe repair is possible by assessing the condition of the line and determining the specific location of the problem.

We inspect pipes prior to sewer and drain cleaning with highly pressurized water in order to make sure the line is strong enough for jetting. If it is, another inspection is typically done afterward to make sure nothing is overlooked.

Generally, it takes about an hour to perform a camera-based inspection. However, the actual duration depends on how many lines need to be inspected and where they’re located.

A small camera is inserted into the affected line. It’s then slowly fed through the sewer line. As this happens, real-time images are displayed and recorded. The results are accurate, instant, and incredibly detailed.

We look for anything out of the ordinary that could slow down or impact your sewer line in any way. We also look for tree roots, pipe scale, and other common sewer line issues.

Contact Our Team for a Thorough Inspection

Reach out to the A-1 Total Service Plumbing crew to take the guesswork out of the process. Call our team or fill out the form for an appointment.

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