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Enjoy the many benefits of sewer or drain line repair without the extra expense of restoring your landscaping. Contact A-1 Total Service Plumbing to learn more about pipe relining in Long Beach, CA. Our solution is a cost-effective solution that does away with the mess and the downtime commonly associated with traditional repairs.

Be sure to consult a plumber in Long Beach, CA from our team and we will be sure to provide all the details to get you started.

All About the Relining Service

With trench-free or trench-line relining, a trenchless contractor from our team restores your pipes internally. It’s a money-saving way to breathe new life into aging or severely damaged sewer or drain lines. It’s an alternative to traditional excavation that leaves you fully restored pipes and no major post-project cleanup to deal with once everything is done.

What’s also referred to as cast iron pipe relining offers many appealing benefits. For one thing, it’s a cost-effective way to revive and store sewer and drain lines. Secondly, we won’t have to dig up your surface areas, nor will we have to remove the old pipe, which is also environmentally friendly. In addition, the work is often completed within a day or less. Lastly, the results tend to last for many years, which further enhances your overall savings.

Indications You Need Pipe Relining

Contact us about sewer relining once you’re noticing signs suggesting your sewer lines need repairs. In many instances, you can benefit from pipe relining if any of the following signs are noticed:

  • Soggy spots on your lawn
  • Uneven toilet water
  • Higher sewer-related bills
  • Water seeping out of the ground
  • Foundation-related damage that may include slab damage

Common Causes of Sewer Line Damage

Underground sewer line repair is often needed to address damage from tree roots. Shrub and tree roots often get underground through small openings. Sewer lines can also be affected by misalignment, shifts in the ground, or a general lack of maintenance over the years. Corrosion is another common reason for sewer line damage that may require trenchless pipelining.

How We Perform Trenchless Pipe Relining

The first thing we do with minimally invasive pipe root intrusion repair is to inspect the affected pipe. If conditions are suitable for repair with dig-free methods, the next step is to prepare the affected pipe, which we typically do with hydro jetting. Highly pressurized water clears away roots and other debris so a resin-filled liner can be inserted into the affected pipe. Once the material in the liner solidifies, you’ll be left with a like-new sewer or drain line.

Why Choose Us

A-1 Total Service Plumbing is the industry expert in pipe repair, particularly trenchless pipe lining, thanks to an emphasis on:

  • Using quality materials
  • Arriving with everything necessary to get the job done
  • Keeping costs reasonable
  • Providing honest pre-work opinions and assessments

Schedule Your Appointment Today

A way to get started with a pipe reline is to contact A-1 Total Service Plumbing. We’ll perform a camera inspection to determine what’s going on in your sewer lines. We’ll then discuss your options with you.

Find out why we’re the trenchless company to trust when it comes to all things dig-free. Call A-1 Total Service Plumbing or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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