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Proper Toilet Maintenance

Toilet clogs and leaks can be so frustrating for homeowners to deal with. But the good news is that, with proper toilet maintenance, you can effectively keep such plumbing issues at bay. At A-1 Total Service Plumbing, we encourage our clients to take a proactive stance when it comes to maintenance to avoid plumbing emergencies.

Below are the essential tips to help you properly maintain your toilet.

Don’t Treat Your Toilet Like a Garbage Can

Your toilet is not a garbage can; don’t treat it like one. One of the major causes of clogging is flushing things other than toilet paper. This includes cleaning wipes and feminine products among others. These materials aren’t easily dissolved and can eventually clog your toilet.

Inspect the Shut Off Valve

Located either behind or right under the toilet, this knob is responsible for shutting off the water supply to the toilet when needed. Should it refuse to budge, make sure to reach out to your trusted local plumber to have it serviced.

Check for Leaks Regularly

Leaks can happen in many parts of your toilet. It is important to always keep an eye on your toilet to spot any leaks. Ensure you check every part of your toilet. Use food coloring inside the tank to detect leaks. You will need the services of a professional plumber for better results.

Use Water Softeners

The installation of water softeners can be beneficial to your entire plumbing system–toilets included. Unlike soft water, hard water has a lot of minerals such as calcium. These minerals accumulate and block pipes as time goes by. On top of that, hard water breaks down vital toilet components. For instance, seals degenerate much faster when exposed to hard water.

Proper toilet maintenance can save you a lot of trouble as a homeowner. There’s no better way of keeping your toilet in good shape than working with a reputable plumbing company like A-1 Total Service Plumbing that’s backed by many years of experience. Contact us today for all your plumbing issues!

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