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Pipe Bursting: A Reliable Trenchless Pipe Repair Technique for Damaged Pipes

When your commercial or residential property experiences sewer problems, your priority is fixing the issue quickly and efficiently. Our expert team at A-1 Total Service Plumbing offers trenchless repairs, such as pipe bursting and CIPP lining, to effectively address damaged pipes without needing costly and time-consuming excavation.

How Pipe Bursting Works

While trenchless pipe relining is a great option for repairing small sections of the damaged pipe, pipe bursting can replace entire pipelines in one efficient process. This technique involves using a hydraulic system to pull a bursting tool through the affected pipe, fracturing it into small pieces while simultaneously replacing it with a new one.

Pipe bursting is a reliable solution for extremely deteriorated or collapsed lines. Like trenchless pipelining, it is mainly applicable when excavation isn’t desirable or practical, such as where the sewer line runs under a road or other hardscaping structures.

Benefits of Pipe Bursting

Sewer relining offers many advantages when it comes to repairing damaged pipes. Pipe bursting, as a trenchless pipe replacement technique, is no different. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Pipe Bursting is Minimally Invasive

Conventional underground sewer line repair and replacement requires heavy equipment to dig deep and long trenchless through your lawn or driveway. This excavation can cause extensive damage that requires a lot of money and time to repair. On the other hand, pipe bursting requires only a smaller access point to get to the pipe, leaving your landscaping undisturbed.

  1. Pipe Bursting is Convenient

This method can be used on various types of pipe material, including cast iron, clay, concrete, and PVC. It’s also the only trenchless pipe repair solution that can install a bigger diameter pipe than what initially existed.

  1. Pipe Bursting is Affordable

Traditional sewer replacement requires digging up large sections of your property to access and replace pipelines. Once the job is completed, dealing with the aftermath can be daunting and costly. Extra labor translates to additional costs. Cast iron pipe relining requires a few technicians and a small entry point, keeping your property intact and saving you money on restoration costs.

  1. Pipe Bursting is Safe

Sewage, mold, asbestos, and other hazardous contaminants thrive underground. When you dig them up, you expose yourself to a host of health risks. Trenchless pipe reline services no longer require technicians to dig, helping you avoid these risks.

  1. Pipe Bursting is Durable

This repair method results in a new seamless pipe designed to last for decades. The new pipelines are jointless, so there’s no risk of cracking or breaking down due to root infiltration. Hence, you won’t have to worry about pipe root intrusion repair for a long time.

Whether you need pipe relining in Anaheim, CA, or complete pipeline replacement, A-1 Total Service Plumbing is here to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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