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Exploring Trenchless Pipe Repairs

Thanks to innovations in trenchless technology, repairing a damaged subsurface pipeline no longer requires excavating down to the pipe from the ground surface. Our personnel here at A-1 Total Service Plumbing are experts when it comes to pipe relining in Orange County, CA. Below is important information to help you decide whether this strategy might be right for your property.

The Trenchless Pipe Lining Process From Start to Finish

We begin every trenchless pipe relining job with a complete inspection of the line using a waterproof sewer camera. If necessary, the pipe is hydro jetted to improve visibility and to remove loose material and tree roots that could negatively impact the placement of the new lining. A flexible, epoxy-coated liner is then inserted into the pipe through an existing drain or valve. After a brief curing period, the line is reinspected and returned to service.

When We Recommend Trenchless Pipe Services

Trenchless pipelining offers a convenient way to restore the structural integrity of cracked or separated sewer lines. The technique also creates a smooth new surface inside an old pipe that seals out damaging tree roots and prevents further deterioration from corrosive, high-strength wastewater.

The Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Repair

Our professional trenchless pipe repair services won’t cause damage to landscaping, hardscaping, and paved surfaces because all the work is managed within the confines of the existing pipe. The process is highly cost-effective and very quick to perform, and the results are comparable to or even better than traditional pipe replacement work. To learn more about the many advantages of trenchless pipe repairs, contact us today at Total Service Plumbing. We’ll gladly answer your questions and schedule an appointment to provide you with foolproof trenchless solutions ASAP!
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