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A Look at Trenchless Relining

Replacing an entire plumbing system, aside from being a tedious and invasive process, is quite an expensive prospect. Fortunately, you can opt for a cheaper, more efficient and absolutely less invasive pipe rehabilitation method: trenchless relining.

But before you do pipe relining in La Habra CA and other surrounding cities, it’s best to know and understand all the pros and cons of the procedure.

What is Trenchless Relining?

Trenchless pipe relining is a specialized pipe lining process designed to address the problem of leaking or deteriorating pipe. The advantage that this process has is that it eliminates the need for excavation and replacement of the entire pipe, thereby reducing costs and ensuring a more economical long-term solution.

Why Should You Choose Trenchless Relining?

There are many reasons you should consider trenchless relining over conventional pipe repairs. The main advantage of cast iron pipe relining, for instance, is that it is less disruptive than traditional relining methods. When considering this method, you need to know whether the existing pipes can support the new materials being installed. The trenchless method may be the best choice if the old pipes are cracked, broken, heavily deteriorated or have a low flow capacity. While having trees adds beauty and value to most homes, root intrusion can be a major problem with sewer systems. Trenchless relining often is a very effective method of repair with these issues. In addition, if you’re relining a service line, it’s a good idea to choose the trenchless option.

Pros of Trenchless Relining

Trenchless relining has many advantages, including reduced excavation time and disruption, better flow capacity, and extended service life. Reduced excavation time and disruption are especially important for underground sewer line repair. The improved flow capacity is because the new pipe is installed at the same level as the old one.

Cons of Trenchless Relining

While the benefits, more often than not, outweigh the disadvantages, there are certain things you should keep in mind before choosing trenchless relining for pipe root intrusion repair. As an example, there may be a risk of gas intrusion when relining gas lines. To avoid this, you can opt for non-corrosive pipe material.

There’s also the fact that trenchless relining may not be an option if the existing pipes are too badly damaged.

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